I am a Certified Success Coach, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner student, teacher, mother of 2 amazing boys, creator of my own life, a professional lifestyle yogi in the making, and most importantly defying what I’ve been told should be my reality 

I help you identify and eliminate old negative belief systems, bringing out your passion to turn it into your life’s purpose.  I believe that everything in life happens in synchronicities. No such thing as coincidence! My name is the perfect example for such synchronicities. My name is Mai. Backwards it’s I Am. 

Any words you add after that “I am…” becomes your statement about yourself, your identity, your belief about yourself.  I also believe every event in your life is meant to help you evolve and bloom into the most beautiful version of yourself.  I teach what I have learned along my healing journey.

And because I choose myself, I want to give that to you. That’s where iAMaiflower comes from: changing your disempowering “I am…” statements into empowering statements as you evolve and bloom. 

Up until my 30th birthday, my story was written  by many authors. 

My parents: lovingly with what and how they knew best.

My peers: either as bullies, classmates, or friends.

My ex-husband: with his own set of beliefs that did not match mine.


My children: my affectionate duty to write their own stories too, ironically stories similar to mine.

My career, my home, my daily life was written by many, but not me! Through these experiences, my “I am…”statements were completed with:

Not good enough.
Not strong.
Not worthy.
And the list goes on and on… 

These were the negative beliefs that were meant to keep me living a mediocre life I knew I was NOT meant to live.

In 2013, while on a spiritual journey, our shelter was attacked and I thought I was going to die.  It was this moment I was saying my good-byes to my family and thinking, “How will they kill me?” and “This is it. This is how I’m going to die never knowing what true happiness was.” Not knowing it then, I was being set up. Set up to be in perfect alignment with my true self.  We made it out of the city alive, shaken and I knew something was about to change.

Then I started to write my own story.  Becoming a single mother, starting a new job, and living a new unfamiliar story was SCARY!!!!! But, I did it! 

I had some set-backs because I still had negative beliefs and did not appreciate my own capabilities.  I had changed my external environment, but it was more important to work on my internal environment. 

I did not believe that I was worthy enough, so I settled.  This hindered my growth and I was shamed because of it.  And I allowed it all to happen because that’s all I felt worthy of getting. All the red flags I ignored, excused, allowed and went along with only pushed me further away from my true self.  But it was meant to happen. I am here today because of all of it for each of you. To tell you that you will survive, thrive and BLOOM!   

Yes, I did not deserve for it to happen. Neither did you.  But it did.  And for that, I am forever grateful for each and every one of the abusers, bullies, and haters.  I have forgiven each of them and forgiven myself as each event has taught me and given me strength to be in alignment with my true self. 

Each experience taught me to never settle because someone else says so. Today, I found love and adventure with an amazing partner who supports and grows with me.

My passion: helping you tackle your negative beliefs, find your passion and live to your truest self.  It’s possible you know.  Being THE voice! YOUR voice!